Production management

Production management

We are passionate about the challenge of increasing the productivity and quality of production processes. Ultimately, our goal is to increase both efficiency and effectiveness while getting people on board. This is the only way to succeed in a sustainable way.
We focus on TPM, Lean Production & Lean Administration, Shop Floor Management and Industry 4.0. For example, if you want to explore your potential for Industry 4.0, we offer a field-tested Industry 4.0 kick-off workshop.
As a specialist for complex systems and value stream optimization, we also use state-of-the-art simulation methods to understand relationships, identify optimization approaches and implement improvement measures together with you.

Introduction and modeling of Industry 4.0 systems

Industry 4.0 is the combination of manufacturing and web technologies. The basis for this is created by 4 basic principles:

  • Cyber-physical systems: Industrial machines exist on the one hand as real (physical) machines, but on the other hand also virtually on the Web. Cyber-physical systems can be used to interact with machines directly over the Web.

  • Virtualization: The physical world of production - equipment, materials and processes - is digitized and thus can be predicted and simulated.

  • Networking Machines: Just like humans, machines are always online. This allows everyone to communicate with everything at all times, and everyone and everything becomes traceable.

  • The Internet of Things: In order to be able to fully map the virtualization of production, the unique addressability of the physical objects (raw materials, materials, semi-finished products) in an Internet-like structure is necessary.

We help you analyze and model application domains and industry knowledge so that our research partners can create software frameworks and platforms for Industry 4.0 applications.

Shop Floor Management

Shop Floor management can be seen as "leading the field of added value". Intensive dialogue between managers and employees solves problems and implements improvements. Suitable performance indicator systems ensure corresponding transparency of performance.
With a lot of tact and experience, we have developed a process model for the introduction of Shop Floor Management, which ensures that the right key figures are selected and the acceptance of the employees is given.

Lean Production & Lean Administration

Lean management is about avoiding mistakes and waste. In addition to the optimization of production processes (lean production), we also focus on internal service processes (lean administration). As a specialist in complex and networked systems, we work with you to develop a suitable implementation concept and support you during the implementation. For this purpose, we have developed the analysis tool PROScan together with dankl + partner.

It has always been our deepest conviction that lean management and quality improvement in the sense of Six Sigma are inseparable (without efficiency there is no increase in efficiency). Sigma techniques help the Lean Manager i.e. with the following questions:

  • How can I increase efficiency without sacrificing the quality of the result?
  • Are there ways to improve both: speed and quality of results?
  • How can I, as a lean manager, draw the right conclusions from the wealth of process data with the help of suitable statistical methods?

Together with our accredited partner SystemCERT, we offer combined Six Sigma and Lean Management trainings, with specializations in Lean Production and Lean Administration.


Value stream optimization & Simulations

Increasing the efficiency of production processes is the focus of value stream optimization. The coordination of production capacities, throughput times and the reduction of stocks are topics of central importance. Due to increasing variety and complexity of manufacturing processes simulations offer significant advantages. Simulations provide a cost-effective comparison of production scenarios, bottleneck detection, and inventory and lead time reduction.  

Our simulation experts will assist you in:

  • the analysis of the actual process or derivation of potential for improvement

  • the determination of the optimal operating points for the dimensioning of plants, machines and means of transport

  • the optimization of existing production processes and material flows

  • the optimization of capacity utilization despite the large number of variants

  • Inventory optimization of storage areas and buffer stores


Total productive maintenance (TPM)

Total productive maintenance (manufacturing) places the productivity of the production plant at the center of consideration. All machine-related losses are minimized by proven TPM practices. Special emphasis is placed on the interaction of production and maintenance.We are happy to assist you with the conception and introduction of TPM and bring in the experience of many successful implementations. With the TPM Scan, we can efficiently determine your TPM maturity level and the focal points relevant to your success. Together with dankl + partner, we offer you three consecutive competence levels in our training (TPM Moderator, TPM Coordinator, TPM Manager). In our trainings we pay attention to the highest practical relevance and therefore combine the theory, if possible with units in a partner plant, in order to carry out practical exercises on site. 

News, Events & Practical Reports

Die successfactory consulting group realisiert an den Standorten Leoben, München und Stuttgart die Gruppenzertifizierung nach ISO 9001:2015!

QUALITÄT wird bei uns GROSS geschrieben: österreichweite Anerkennung unserer Qualitätsmaßnahmen!

Von 08.-09.06. und 29.-30.06.2021 finden in Kooperation mit dankl + partner in Salzburg die Lehrgänge TPM Moderator und TPM Meister statt.

Die successfactory consulting group wünscht allen Kunden, Lieferanten, Freunden und Mitarbeitern ein wunderschönes Weihnachtsfest, frohe Festtage und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Am 17.11.2000 erfolgte die Gründung der successfactory management coaching gmbh in Leoben.

Am 05.11.2020 fand unser jährlicher Herbstkongress statt. Dieses Mal als komplett virtuelles Event.

Vorankündigung - unser Herbstkongress 2020 wird am 05.11.2020 als Online-Event stattfinden!

Wir sind trotzdem für Sie erreichbar!

Aufgrund der aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bezug auf den Corona Virus werden wir unser Trainingsangebot adaptieren!

ACHTUNG - TERMINÄNDERUNG: Unter diesem Motto finden die Instandhaltungstage von 01.09. bis 03.09.2020 in Salzburg statt. Die successfactory consulting group nimmt erstmalig daran teil!

Unser 15.-jähriges Jubiläum fand dieses Jahr am 03. Oktober 2019 im CCD Donawitz statt.

Synergien zwischen Data Mining und Six Sigma aufzeigen.

Nun ist es endlich soweit - unsere AI & Data Science Academy startet mit September 2019!

Unser youtube Kanal hat mit einem Video über künstliche Intelligenz von Oliver Jöbstl Zuwachs bekommen.

Am 03.10.2019 findet unserer diesjähriger Herbstkongress im CCD Donawitz statt!

Unser Herbstkongress vom 03.10.2018 war ein voller Erfolg!

Am 12.02.2018 absolvierten unsere Trainer Gernot Freisinger und Werner Leitner die CPRE Foundation Level Prüfung

Am 02.03. fand in Salzburg die Six Sigma Black Belt Prüfung für fünf TeilnehmerInnen der Bosch-Gruppe statt.

Basierend auf einem weltweit durchgeführten Training für AT&S zum Thema Six Sigma Black Belt, Vertiefung Lean Administration bieten wir dieses Training nun auch als zertifizierte Ausbildung gemeinsam mit unserem Partner SystemCERT an.

Big data – Industrie 4.0 – MES (manufacturing execution systeme) – Was diese drei Begriffe mit sich bringen ist eine immer stärkere Vernetzung von Systemelementen und Systemen.

Laut einer 2016 veröffentlichten Studie „TechRadar: Big Data, Q1 2016“ von Forrester Research im Forbes Magazin wurden die 10 wichtigsten Big Data und Data Mining Technologien bewertet.

Seit mehr als 6 Jahren arbeiten wir gemeinsam mit dem Blockwalzwerk von Böhler Kapfenberg im Themenkomplex Lean Management zusammen.