Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics

In the white paper "Data Age 2015", there is an impressive forecast: according to which the global data volume is expected to increase to 163 zettabytes by 2025 - that is a tenfold increase compared to 2016. In combination with the incredible development in the area of computer power and algorithms in the field of machine learning (keyword: deep learning), there are dramatically new opportunities as well as challenges for companies.

The abilities of text, speech and image recognition of computers have meanwhile partially overtaken the human ability. Achievements for example, in medical diagnostics are so impressive that people can be supported by computers in the decision-making, if not even learn from the computers new findings. Many experts believe that all repeatable activities will be done through an AI (artificial intelligence) solution in 10 years.

For 20 years we have been working on the analysis of large datasets in order to improve or automate processes. Our special feature is that we combine basic technical understanding, experience in the design of complex systems, agile working methods with sound AI methods knowledge.

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Strategic Focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Based on an efficient current state analysis, we identify the strategic opportunities through AI and, together with you, develop an appropriate implementation strategy, taking into account the following aspects in particular:

  • Rapid success through pilot projects in the sense of an agile approach

  • Transparent establishment in the strategic orientation

  • Defining the necessary roles with appropriate training concepts

  • Inclusion of managers

  • Development of a system for the identification and prioritization of AI use cases

  • Development of the development and implementation process for AI solutions

Digitization needs Lean

We believe that lean and effective processes must be the foundation for digitization and automation. Relying on 20 years of experience with Lean Management and Six Sigma, we help companies to first optimize their processes to find and implement the right digitization strategy.

Professionally implement AI and ML Use Cases  

Our unique process-oriented analysis methodology systematically identifies the opportunities for AI and ML (machine learning) solutions. Here we can optimally contribute with our many years of know-how in process improvement.

We believe that the introduction of AI and ML solutions requires an iterative and agile development and deployment process because of its complexity: start small (with the so-called "minimum viable product"), learn quickly, and evolve continuously. The added value that the new solution has to deliver should always be in the foreground. Our software development experts realize user-friendly customized solutions.

Trainings in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  

As a specialist for didactically sophisticated trainings that inspire, we put our participants in the position to independently identify the use cases and to implement appropriate AI and ML solutions. As an independent provider, we also support you in the selection of the optimal software product (RapidMiner, SPSS Modeler, Knime, IBW Watson, SAS, JMP …).

Data Lake Realization  

Date lakes are a very large data store that contains structured or unstructured data from a variety of sources in raw format. The data will not be validated or reformatted prior to saving; this only happens when corresponding big data analyzes are carried out. Together with our partners we help with the development and realization of these data lakes. As a specialist in systems engineering, we also support the modeling of the corresponding architectures with, for example, the Enterprise Architect software.

Process Mining Introduction  

Process Mining is a method for reconstructing and optimizing workflow-based business processes based on digital traces. Very often, hidden process knowledge can be made visible and usable. Data mining tools allow analysis of throughput times, bottlenecks and loops in the process at the touch of a button. In combination with modern AI and ML methods, predictions can be generated and processes drastically improved. We help to choose the right tool and the appropriate introduction and training.


AI and Machine Learning at successfactory consulting group. Our robot helps to put the theory directly into practice and thus increases the training effect.

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Nächstes Training: 26. bis 29.04.2021 - erlernen Sie Daten systematisch zu analysieren und einfache KI und Machine Learning Use Cases mit Hilfe einer Statistiksoftware umzusetzen.

Nächstes Training: 13. bis 15.04.2021 - erwerben Sie die Fähigkeit Use Cases aus den Themengebieten KI, Data Mining und Machine Learning zu identifizieren und definieren!

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